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Какво трябва да знаем при гмуркане в Гърция!

Although Greek weather permits all divers to exploit the underwater environment more than 9 months of the year, SCUBA diving activity is still applying to a minority of Greeks even nowadays.

The main reason being, Greek divers - as well as foreign ones – until 2005 were suffering from strict regulations forbidding them to dive to nearly ninety percent of the Greek waters. The old legal framework was applied to cover up the inability of the authorities to control looting activities.

So instead of building controls they have decided to ban almost every non-professional underwater activity. This rather illogical legislation changed in 2005. According to the new law3409/2005, (Greece is one, - if not the only country that holds a law for recreational diving activities) it is possible to dive almost everywhere in Greek waters.
Of course there are certain restrictions to this freedom.

1. SOLO scuba diving is forbidden meaning that you have to have a divebuddy in order to be able to dive.

2.Night dives can only be conducted with the attendance of a certified dive-center.

3. For someone to dive in Greece, he/she must have a certification of a scuba training agency that is recognized by the Greek state accoriding to the new law. This doesn’t mean though that he will not be able to dive but the dive must be again attended by a certified dive center operating in Greece.

4. In terms of Geographical restriction it is easy to understand that any place that has been characterized as archeological area is restricted from access to any diver, as well as places where there are dangers of diver injury (such as ports, limited visibility areas, navy training areas etc.)

One other main reason for the low interest of the underwater activity is "underwater life".

Reckless fish-hunting with various and illegal ways such as dynamite, trawlers uncontrolled spearfishing activities and also other environmentally hazardous activities (private sea-farms, sewage etc) resulted in a non existent underwater life in large areas.

Luckily this is counterbalanced by other interesting underwater sites such as wrecks. International maritime history produced a variety of glorious stories including sunken ships in Greek waters which either waiting to be discovered or to be visited. As and example, who isn't familiar with the story of the hospital HMS Britannic that was sunk in Kea Island (Sister Ship of HMS Titanic).

But, although many interesting wrecks have been discovered the average depth of the wrecks exceeds the capabilities of a recreational diver requiring mainly technical diver abilities and skills. Apart from that there is a restriction according to the archaeological law requiring a permit by the Ephorate of Underwater antiquities, to dive a wreck that was sunk more than 50 years from today.

This, of course doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other wrecks that a recreational diver can visit without messing with the Greek state. There are many officially recognized dive-centers around Greece that can assist the foreign visitors to dive to several interesting divespots including wrecks.

So, what should somebody do prior to visiting Greece for some SCUBA activity?

First, contact the local port authority and ask if there are any restrictions in the area he is interested in and second find a dive-center close by that can assist him either by providing him information or by organizing a dive


Всички необходини телефони за връзки в Халкидики




Варна Дайвинг Център
Варна Дайвин Център Магазинът на "ВАРНА ДАЙВИНГ ЦЕНТЪР" ЕООД се намира в центъра на град Варна с голяма търговска площ, където се предлага най-голямото разнообразие от качествена водолазна екипировка за професионални водолази, а също и за любители на подводния спорт и подводният риболов. "ВАРНА ДАЙВИНГ ЦЕНТЪР" работи с реномирани компании от Великобритания, Австрия, Холандия, Франция, Швеция, Дания, Италия, Норвегия, САЩ и др. на утвърдени търговски марки като "Kirby Morgan", "Northern Diver", "Poseidon", "Suunto", "Apex", "Technisub", "Aqualung", "Cressi", "Seatec", "Sherwood", "Scubapro", "Soprassub", "Leaderfins" и др.
Водолазен център Средец
Водолазен център "Средец" се намира в град Китен,в началото на града и разполага с два входа,единия е от ул."Странджа" № 35 (до банка ДСК) ,и заден вход от ул. "Пирин" № 3.